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Dragon Art Graphics

Graphics By: Vinnie

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Dragon Art Graphics ♥ Rules & Guidelines ♥ Affiliates ♥ Promote ♥ Credits ♥
Welcome! This is the new and hopefully improved graphics community. I realize i've moved a few times, but i am planning on keeping better organization here. This community will showcase my art and graphics. I will be posting open requests from time to time and of course snaggables. Please enjoy your stay here and be active.

This community is moderated membership. Only those who i've invited or have been sent here by other members are accepted. All New members are required to fill out an application in THIS POST before requesting to join. NO EXCEPTIONS...Those who i've personally invited need not to fill out an application.
Rules cause we all need them...Okay i only have a few so this will go easy.
Photobucket Always give credit when using graphics made for you. This goes for any maker it's important.
Photobucket Always follow any and all guidelines in post. If an open request is posted there will always be specific instructions in it. It's important you follow these.
Photobucket A thank you goes a long way. Always thank the makers when you recieve your graphics.
Photobucket Please do not request asking for "Same as example" I don't typically keep the codes used in examples and make each graphic in dividually. No 2 graphics will look the same.
Photobucket Do not re distribute any graphics made as your own.
Photobucket Finally have fun.
If you'd like to be an affiliate here please comment HERE

Current Affiliates:
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Photobucket Layout Codes By: amavel_bel
Photobucket Layout codes edited by: r_sambora_luvr
Photobucket Header By: r_sambora_luvr
Photobucket Default Icon By: r_sambora_luvr
Photobucket User Info Table By: gossymer.